Flight Training

At Marcair, we believe that a good pilot is always training. We maintain our dedication to provide the most comprehensive, most valuable and most effective training to pilots at all levels of experience. In July 2006 Marcair was awarded the certification as an FAA approved Part 141 Pilot School allowing us to instruct according to a stringent and efficient training syllabus, ensuring a high level of pilot proficiency and cost effectiveness for the customer. Marcair offers the following courses:

Learn to Fly

The Private Pilot Certificate. Are you ready for takeoff?

Flight Currency

It is time for your checkup. Biennial Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks and any other recurring training.

Instrument Rating

Learn to fly and navigate by instrument reference.

Tailwheel Endorsement

Learn to fly the challenging tail-draggers. Excellent add-on rating for both low time and professional pilots.

Commercial License

Ready to make flying a career? With a commercial license you can begin your professional aviation career.

High Altitude Endorsement

Receive endorsement for flying pressurized aircaft above 25,000ft.

High Performance / Complex

Be able to pilot airplanes with retractable landing gear, adjustable propellers and engines with 200hp or more.


Need a stepping stone to jumpstart your career in aviation? Begin as a professional flight instructor and gain experience by teaching others.

G1000 Glass Cockpit Transition Training

Learn to master today's technologically advanced cockpits.

FAA Part 141 Flight School

Important information concerning the difference between Part 61 and 141 and the advantages of training under our curriculum.